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So I just recently got a job as a teacher’s aide at the Pūnana Leo preschool on my island and I just wanted to share why these preschools are so important and the impact they had in the Hawaiian community. 

With less then 80 fluent speakers under the age of 18 in the 1970s renaissance of Hawaiian culture and politics in the 1970s brought a new focus to the topic of the revitalization of the Hawaiian language. Among its many consequences was the reestablishment of Hawaiian as an official language by a state constitutional convention in 1978, as part of a recognition of the cultural and linguistic rights of the people of Hawaii. Thus the first preschool opened in 1984 in KekahaKaua’i but their was still a law banning the teaching of/in Hawaiian language in a school system in Hawai’i until the law was over turned in 1986.

With the opening of the Pūnana Leo preschool’s around Hawai’i their was a need to further the Hawaiian Language learning and not just stop it after preschool. Hence the beginning of the Hawaiian Language immersion program in schools that taught Hawaiian from grade K-12. The Pūnana Leo organization has provided the foundation for the reestablishment of a Hawaiian-language educational system which also includes doctoral-level programs in the language, a Language that was on the verge of extinction.

The first-ever class of Pūnana Leo students graduated from high school in 1999, and in 2002 the Hilo campus of the University of Hawaii awarded the first master’s degree completed entirely in the Hawaiian language. As of 2006, there were a total of 11 Pūnana Leo preschools, with locations on five of the Hawaiian islands: Hawai‘iMauiMoloka‘iO‘ahu and Kaua‘i 

This is why I’m getting my certificate, if not minor, in ‘Olelo Hawai’i, to be able to teach and have the language continue.

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Q: Beautiful photography and ill playlist

Thank you! Stoked you like my music too :)

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Q: You may over think things, but you have no idea how many girls wish there was someone out there who thought about them to the point of exhaustion. So thanks for being the kind of person that reminds us that there is someone who can, and will, think of us. And think of us in ways that make us feel special and cared for. <3

Holy crap. Wow. I’m so lost, I don’t know how to respond. This has to be probably the most sincere thing any anon has said to me. Thank you so much. I have no idea what I’ve said or posted that had you write such nice things. Do tell, if you please. I believe all people, not just women, deserve to be shown their value and beauty :)

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